The Meech ShearClean™ web cleaning system is innovative and based on patented technology that utilises well established aerodynamic and fluid dynamic technologies to achieve the very highest levels of cleaning efficiency without the need for physical contact. The proprietary cleaning rollers operate at a very high rotational velocity, typically within 1mm of the surface of the web. The roller design has been optimised to generate a high speed boundary layer of air. The greater energy of this layer destroys the boundary layer associated with the incoming web, exposing even the smallest particles to the powerful cleaning force. The low pressure, high velocity region created by the roller lifts and removes the particles from the web and carries them to the vacuum extraction chamber from which they are evacuated to the Air Handling Unit (AHU). ShearClean™ systems incorporate four Meech ionising bars to ensure neutralisation of static charges on the web and easy breakdown of the bonds holding contaminants to the web surface. The risk of re-attraction of contaminants to the cleaned web surfaces is also minimised.

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