Michelman’s newest suite of HP Indigo Pack Ready for Labels pre and post-print solutions, designed in close collaboration with HP, allow users to achieve higher levels of water, thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. The cornerstone of this suite is DigiPrime® 022, an innovative water-based primer formulated specifically for in-line use with the HP Indigo 6000 digital press series.

DigiGuard® 222, a UV curable OPV, available in both matte and glossy versions works in conjunction with DigiPrime® 022. This primer and OPV combination results in labels with superior water, thermal and chemical resistance. Additionally, for press owners that want to continue using their current HP-validated UV curable OPVs, a new additive, DigiGuard® 901 OPV strengthener, will be available.

This additive enables these OPVs to reach the required performance levels, when used in conjunction with DigiPrime® 022. All of these solutions enable press owners to tap into the burgeoning high-performance label printing market including segments such as personal care products and household chemicals