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Nuova GIDUE is a manufacturing company of printing and converting machines, providing exclusive technology for the Label and Packaging industry. Since 1999 GIDUE has provided the Label and Packaging industry with innovative solutions, which have set new standards in productivity.

Popular concepts introduced by GIDUE :

The Flower™ Concept : The most successful print unit in the history of the narrow web industry, since 1999, the original Flower™ flexo head, which has “inspired” several press manufacturers in the label industry, has been deeply modified to meet the requests of the shrinkable sleeves and the flexible packaging industries. Keeping the same principles of stability and print quality without mechanical guides, the New Flower™ accommodates print sleeves or print cylinders, and can reach the web width of 630 mm.

Snow Ball™: in 2010 GIDUE installed the first prototype of the new high-speed matrix stripping system for the self-adhesive industry. The waste re-winder moves horizontally while the matrix gets bigger on the shaft. Like a snowball the waste “rolls and grows”, without changing the distance from the stripping point. A simple idea (a movable rewind shaft for the matrix) which revolutionize the self-adhesive industry.

Bamby™ is the true “booster” in productivity for difficult label shapes, adhesives etc. The glue tack of the self-adhesive substrate is temporarily “softened” to achieve higher stripping speeds on any substrate (paper, film, etc.), and any label shape. With 20% to 100% higher stripping speeds on special labels, substrates and adhesives , it provides consistent productivity without waste breaks.

DigiGap™ is the digitally control of die-cutting pressure, independent on both sides. Two servo motors control the gad between the blade of the die-cutting tool and the substrate  for accurate die-cutting pressure, at any speed and on any substrate.  Automatic “lift” of die-cutting pressure for pre-register operations (lift-turn in register-diecut). Digitally operated die-cutting pressure adjustment at speed change. Automatic set-up of die-cutting pressure, based on paper thickness. Digital storage of optimized die-cutting pressure, for repeated jobs. Accurate die-cutting on any substrate. With extremely short set-up waste and time (pre-register and automatic pressure adjustment), it provides consistent cutting quality on any substrate and at any speed, long life of die-cutting tools and higher production speeds.

Digital Flexo™ : For the first time in the narrow-web flexo industry, the printer does not manually operate printing and register adjustments. Printing during set-up and production is automatically operated by the press. Digital “eyes” and “fingers” (Print-Tutor™ Camera/Servo combination) on each print unit substitute the hands and eyes of the operator. 8 servo motors on each print unit and the HD Camera make the print pressure and register adjustments fully automated. With repeatable and reduced waste during set-up, it provides consistent printing quality during all the production operations.

The Excellence™ concept installed on the new GIDUE M5 printing machine for unlimited substrates press is based on a simple concept: NEVER STOP THE PRESS RUNNING. All the print cylinders are prepared in the machine during the production of the “old” job without stopping the press; all the printing cylinders are changed “on the fly” without operator.  The waste generated while changing 8 cylinders is less than 10 meters and the time is less than 1 minute, without stopping the press. Set-up performances and waste are comparable with traditional Digital Technologies. The automatic exchange of printing cylinders (ExcelPrint™) is integrated by the Digital Flexo™ HD-Cameras, which immediately recognize the new job and adjust pressure and register settings digitally without manual intervention of the operator. In the die-cutting section, 2 die-cutting units are prepared to die-cut “old” and “new” job simply switching from 1 die-cutting unit to the other (ExcelDie™). All die-cutting pressure, pre-register and register operations are digitally performed by the GIDUE DigiGap™ technology which is reading the thickness of the substrate and adjusting the die-cutting without manual intervention from the operator.

Technical Solution for the Labels and Packaging industry:

Combination Solutions: Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Screen, Digital, Hot Stamping, Cold Foil, Embossing, Die-Cutting, Sheeting, Perforation and others. Most of the process are interchangeable. Converting solutions: coupon labels, multilayer labels, booklet labels. Up to 4 colors printing on adhesive. Unlimited multi-pass solutions. Delivery solutions: sheeting, fan-folding, plough-folding, non-stop unwinding and rewinding. Drying Solutions: UV, IR, Hot Air, Compressed High Velocity Air. Substrate solutions: Aluminum foil for yoghourt lids, Laminated Tubes for tooth paste and shampoo, Sausage Skins, Shrinkable Sleeves, ROSO, Wrap-around, Stand-up Pouches, IML, PE 20 M PET 12 M, PA, PVC, BOPP, Aluminum foil 12 m etc. Lamination solutions: in-line solvent less, hot-melt, pre-adhesive lamination.