The Agergaard doctor blade portfolio comprises high-precision blades made of different steel and plastic materials.

 The range of steel doctor blades, traded under the name steelBLADE, includes carbon steel and stainless steel qualities, as well as special tooling steel options for very abrasive inks or coatings. All doctor blades are made from high quality steel from Swedish steel mills. For extended lifetime and anilox-gentle doctoring, the blades can optionally be put into a surface treatment. Special doctor blade solutions designed to reduce printing issues like ink spitting support label printers in achieving an even ink transfer and uniform print results.

Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH also manufactures a set of wear-resistant plastic doctor blades called polyBLADE, e.g. from polyester or UHMW. Plastic doctor blades can be a cost-efficient alternative to steel blades, given the superior lifetime of plastic blades. Modern production methods and special material compositions allow a doctoring precision that comes close to that of steel blades.


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