End seals made by Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH, traded under the name coatSEAL, are designed for reliable sealing results in chamber doctor blade systems in flexo and offset printing. They are made from high quality raw materials such as rubber, technical felts or foams as well as different types of plastic. Additional lifetime can be achieved with special impregnation or coating treatments.

The requirements of a label printer producing on a UV based narrow web flexo printing press differ from those of a producer of labels in sheet fed offset procedure with an inline coating unit. When choosing a sealing concept for a specific label printing application, great attention is paid to various parameters of the printing process, such as the machine set up, ink or coating type, printing speed, substrate, etc. Based on this information, Agergaard defines the suitable material, shape and production process – the result is an end seal that is ideally attuned to the individual application and offers benefits in terms of seal lifetime and ink waste reduction.

The production program of coatSEAL end seals comprises several thousands of different configurations and covers an increasingly large number of different press brands and models. New developments are ongoing.


Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH