The innovative and powerful UV Mid-web V4 Offset print unit in widths 670mm (26'') and 850mm (33'') enriches further the Varyflex V4 range. Varyflex V4 Offset, Mid-web printing press summarizes all the advantages of Varyflex presses widening its reach through the addition of powerful Offset technology to combine inking and printing quality standards with low-cost platemaking and precise color control.

Varyflex V4 Offset printing press is expected to revolutionize the packaging market thanks to a newly conceived Offset print unit characterized by high flexibility, simplicity in use and wide machine accessibility. The use of lightweight sleeves  and the availability of a Revolver Cart for sleeve replacement are part of the so-called 'Easy Sleeve Format Change' patented by OMET and contribute to make this printing press a true variable-size offset machine.