for high automatic in-line production of square-cut labels with integrated banding.

Customer benefits

 Excellent performance of up


to 3,185 bundles per 60 minutes

with a minimum of manpower

 Utmost cutting precision due


to the lateral and front gauges

 Very flexible thanks to simple


and quick change-over

 Highly reliable in daily use and long lifespan



Latest generation offering an efficiency increased by 25 % to five cycles / minute

Automatic cutting machine Autocut 115

 Fast loading due to a high return speed of the backgauge of 120 cm/sec

 A lateral aligning gauge at the backgauge further improves the cutting quality, because strips can be precisely aligned against the backgauge

 Aligning station (patented) on the front table for aligning the cut labels

 Optimized lateral deloading finger for a smooth workflow and faster cycles


Multi-station bander BM-105

 Electronic temperature control monitors and optimizes the welding process

 Full-surface row pusher with frequency-controlled drive for a smooth and trouble free workflow, and automatic speed control depending on the format

 A movable table board (patented) closes the lower gap and ensures that the label row is perfectly pushed in. Its integrated sensor scans the format and automatically controls the pressure feet of the banding unit.

 Easy adjustment of cassette holders, because the upper and lower ones can be adjusted simultaneously (patented).


Technical data Label size min.¹

20 × 43 mm | 0.79 × 1.69 in

Label size max.

230 × 1,050 mm | 9.06 × 41.34 in

Stack height min.

30 mm | 1.18 in

Stack height max.

120 mm | 4.72 in

Banding station max.


Performance max.²

5 cycles / minute