for industrial production of square-cut labels either in minimum sizes or with log banding. The system is characterized by the ability to be adopted to various customer requirements, e.g. quality control by measuring equipment or printing on the banderole.

Customer benefits

 High performance of up to 1,560 bundles per 60 minutes with a minimum number of operators

 Intuitive cutting program generation and alternate-frame


systems for the knife ensure minimum setup times

 Ultimate cutting precision, because the material is held fast

 Very reliable for the daily work. Long service life.

 Careful material transport with special guide elements in the delivery unit



 Menu-driven setup makes operation easier and reduces make-ready time

 Two strips can be processed simultaneously


Automatic cutting machine Autocut 25plus

 Front-side knife change with alternate frames allows to prepare the knife outside the machine

 Utmost quality is provided by lateral aligning gauge, front gauge system and waste cut aligning gauge


Two-up banding unit BSduo

 Motorized format adjustment via central control display

 Ultrasonic-welding unit

 Fall-Back-Mode: If one banding unit fails, production can be continued with the other unit


Technical data Label size min.1

14 × 40 mm | 0.55 × 1.57 in

Label size min.1 (optional)

11 × 30 mm | 0.43 × 1.18 in

Label size max.

50 × 120 mm | 4.72 × 4.72 in

Stack height min.

25 mm | 0.98 in

Stack height max.

100 mm | 3.94 in

Performance max.²

26 bundles / minute