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Polymount International is a global operating production and trading company, introducing innovative money saving products to the Flexographic Industry. Our products include the award winning and Full HD certified Twinlock sleeve, a self-adhesive and compressible sleeve that enables the mounting of printing plates without the use of double-sided adhesive tape and increases the quality of your print results.
The Twinlock sleeve is known to be able to increase press speed. Fast recovering open cell PU foam and extremely tight tolerances make it possible to print well over 600 mtrs/2000ft per minute. Polymount also manufactures the best selling Plate Cleaner in the World. Together with the plate cleaning machine we have a full program of cleaning liquids.
Polymount's head office and main production is in The Netherlands. We also have manufacturing facilities in the USA and in the Czech Republic. Our sales offices are located in Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, England, Latin America, Mexico, the US and Hong Kong. We work with various sales partners around the world and we are currently serving customers in more than 80 countries.
Our goal remains the ongoing creation of products which help to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of our customers’ businesses. Twinlock sleeves improves the quality of your print results and eliminate the need for tape in the mounting of plates for flexo printers of all sizes, resulting in significant savings of both time and money. Polymount Plate Cleaners ensure the best possible results and maximum life from photopolymer plates, which today represent a major consumable cost to flexo printers.