Our PurePeel UV flexo release varnish has been formulated specifically for the label industry. Used by narrow web printers around the world, this best-selling product is used on peel and read labels for pharma, health and beauty care as well as industrial and chemical products.

Consistently high quality, with smooth, even and repeatable release properties, the PurePeel gloss release varnish is suitable for peel and read as well as linerless applications on a wide range of packaging, containers and bottles.

Because of its free radical UV formulation, PurePeel can be used on any printing machine at any time, significantly reducing waste and press clean-up times, improving production efficiencies and overcoming issues often associated with the use of cationic systems on press.

The PurePeel varnish is also available in a food packaging compliant (FPC) version, formulated to comply with the regulations and guidelines for non-direct food contact packaging applications.

Peel and read labels provide a value-added solution for many consumer packaged goods companies. Additional space is provided on pack for product and safety information but without sacrificing graphics, visual appeal and impact on the shelf.


Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd