Coding & marking family REA JET HR is growing: REA JET HR pro 2K REA JET has expanded their successful REA JET HR marking & coding family. Up until now, the HR 2K with the protection class IP 65 for direct on-site operation and HR pro 4K with the protection class IP 20 for control cabinet installation were available. The up to 2 print heads of the HR 2K can be fully operated over the graphic display. The HR pro 4K has a smaller display for parameterizing and is operated using the integrated web server. On the HR pro 4K, up to 4 print heads can be operated. The HR pro 4K is used with many machines and installations. With the new HR pro 2K, a control cabinet device with an IP 20 design for max. 2 print heads is now available. When used with the appropriate applications, costs and space requirements are reduced. The REA JET HR pro 2K is based on the HP TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) technology which has proven itself billions of times. The REA JET HR pro 2K marking & coding system with a max. print height of 25.4 mm, makes the well-known HP technology for marking & coding in the offi ce available for the industrial environment. REA JET has maintained their outstanding position in the fi eld of industrial marking & coding systems with the following characteristics:

Small, compact stainless steel control unit in IP 20 design Perfectly suitable for control cabinet installation / integration in machines and installations.

Stable print head with an aluminium design (milled from solid material) This well thought out construction optimally protects the cartridge in harsh daily industrial use. One TIJ cartridge can be inserted per print head. With this, a marking height of maximum 12.7 mm per print head is available.

Simple cascading of the print heads The print heads can be simply and perfectly cascaded thanks to the precise, permanently integrated assembly aids (dowel pins and notches). With these, a print height of up to 25.4 mm can be achieved with the REA JET HR pro 2K.

Compact dimensions Despite the very sturdy design of the print head, it has very small dimensions. This compact print head design enables the integration in almost every machine / system without additional print head variations being necessary.

Locking lever for the cartridge with integrated position monitoring This wear-free monitoring (using a magnet sensor and not a mechanical switch) enables the removal / exchange of the cartridge without the control device needing to be manually stopped . The stop of the control device is automa tically triggered using the monitored locking lever. This guarantees safe handling of the cartridge without additional intervention of the operator.

Simple parameterizing and control of the device status The REA JET HR pro 2K is equipped with a full-colour graphic display with a diagonal screen size of approx. 8.9 cm (3.5 inches) and an industrial-grade rotary knob with push-button function control element. Using this, the network address of the marking & coding device can be set and jobs can be selected and assigned. Over the display the most important information about the actual JOB and the status of the print heads can be queried.

Comfortable and reliable operation using the integrated web server The parameterizing and operation take place using the integrated web server. This can be done using every standard web browser. No separate software is required. The use of the current web technology allows a quick and intuitive operation. This reduces the training effort to a minimum while maintaining high operational reliability. Just like the device user interface, the web server is equipped with over 20 different operating languages. This, together with the optimally implemented comprehensive graphical interface, makes world-wide use very simple.

Modular concept The modular concept, which is used for all components, allows problem-free and economical adaption of the marking & coding system that meets various customer requirements.

Comprehensive range of accessories The well thought out range of accessories with many handy components such as brackets, I/O connecting elements, signal lamps, various product sensors, etc., enables simple and quick integration. The optimized I/O connecting element for top hat rail assembly notably simplifi es the installation of the HR pro 2K in the control cabinet.

Control unit with wide-range power supply unit The wide-range power supply unit used in the REA JET HR 2K control unit is designed for networks with 95 V – 250 V AC at a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz. With this special built-in power supply only one controller is necessary for the whole world. This simplifi es the work of many machine manufactures and globally active fi rms.

Support of True Type Fonts (TTF) and the Unicode character set. The support of true type fonts is the guarantees that all TTF can be used directly in the REA JET HR without converting or editing. This also applies to customer specifi c TTF. The support of Unicode character sets, with existing corresponding fonts, enables the use of variable print contents in every language.

Because of new legal requirements and increasingly higher demands for product safety (e.g. protection against product counterfeiting) the number of necessary product markings and their complexity are continuously increasing. This frequently requires systems which are directly integrated in the production line or production machine. With the new HR pro 2K, REA JET now also has a compact and economical control unit, when two print heads are suffi cient for the application.


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