A suitable operating concept for every requirement

With the REA JET TITAN Platform we offer a genuine crosssystem operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies. The advantages are obvious: As soon as the operating logic for a technology, i.e. for a REA JET product, has been learned and understood, all other technologies can also be operated in the same manner without any need for further training. As well as saving time and money, this also significantly reduces the risk of incorrect use.

It doesn’t matter which input concept you prefer for commands and data – we offer all of them! Everything that modern, investment- and future-proof and already on board and integrated for deployment all over the world: from the interface architecture, design flexibility of all international fonts, characters and languages, all the way up to state-of-the-art remote control technology

Designed for Global Compatibility n Full Unicode support: all global languages can be printed for companies with international customers n Support of all True Type Fonts (TTFs): maximum design flexibility for your print texts n XML-based data structure and communication protocol: globally standard for data compatibility n Integrated VNC Server: Remote maintenance tool for diagnosis and support when required

n Uniform communication protocol for condition monitoring: allowing user-specific signal processing n Consistent graphical user interface WYSIWYG: realistic display of print contents n Integrated webserver: enables print system operation via tablet or smartphone


REA Elektronik GmbH