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Among its numberless self adhesives materials for labelling, Ritrama release of a range of new “Green” papers to encourage converters to increase their business and profitability and contribute to protect the environment.


Ritrama, one of world’s leading manufacturers of pressure sensitive materials, since time has adopted and ambitious environmental strategy establishing operational changes at different areas that involves the whole organization.  One of the areas where Ritrama is investing heavily is that of the materials named “ECO-MATERIALS”, the FSC Certification is one of goals achieved from the strategic plan, now as latest development  in terms of sustainable products to fully support customers is the Green Grade Range produced from recycled paper label stocks up to 100% recycled fibre content. Paper  Facestocks comes from certified cellulose guaranteed by approved mills. All the products  exhibit excellent printability and converting characteristics.

Between the eco products is interesting to state the WINE GREEN, that is performing very well for wine applications and is appreciated by label printers also for the high quality printing.

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