Models Include: TDP-225W, TDP-324W

The TDP-324W series works with any available rolls of wristbands on the market, delivering both flexibility and the lowest cost solutions for your wristband printing applications. Unlike other direct thermal printers, the TDP-324W series features a compact design but can still hold a full 6.5-inch OD roll of wristbands. Order wristbands on 6.5 inch rolls, sold by major wristband manufacturers, provides the lowest cost per wristband available.

• Every feature you need for medical and entertainment wristband printing

• Use any roll of wristbands from any supplier allowing for savings up to 50%

• Front LCD display for ease of use

• Designed to use 6.5 inch OD wristbands – longer printing between changes

• Can be programmed to run in standalone mode without the need for a PC connection

• Cerner certified and works in any hospital system

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