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UniNet is a worldwide Original Equipment Manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the imaging industry. With sales, service and distribution networks on every continent, we have earned a global reputation for high quality products and customer service. As the innovator of specialty products such as “Absolute Color”, “White” and “Fluorescent” toners, UniNet offers its OEM line of iColor® Short to Mid-Run Digital Label, and Apparel/Graphic Arts Transfer Presses as well as integrated label finishing solutions.

iColor® LF600 Digital Label Cutter for Sheets & Packaging : http://icolorprint.com/products/icolorlf600

The UniNet iColor® LF600 is a desktop die cutting solution for brand owners and commercial printers looking to produce packaging, prototypes and cut sheet labels at a low cost. The perfect complement to the iColor® 500 & 600 digital transfer printer series, the LF600 provides solutions that others don’t. Versatile, compact, and affordable, users can design innovative and creative labels, decals, packaging, tags, cards, boxes, marketing prototypes, and more, right from their desktop printer.
Suitable for sheets up to Tabloid Extra Format (11.66” x 18”) size, this high-speed desktop solution is capable of cutting or scoring any shape and size on pressure sensitive paper and card stock up to 16 point (350 gsm) in thickness. The pneumatic air-driven lever lifts sheets from the loading-feeding tray and inserts them into the plotter. Speed varies with the complexity of the cut, running with an average of 30-40 seconds for pressure sensitive label sheets.
iColor® 700 Short Run Digital Label Printer : http://icolorprint.com/products/icolor700
UniNet introduces the iColor® 700 LED Toner-Based Digital Press for continuous roll to roll printing production. Featuring full color and optional white, it’s unique low fuser temperature technology supports printing on a broader range of standard, and specialty label substrates including BOPP, PET, vinyl and more. The UniNet iColor® 700 is a print system that allows printing on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or uncut substrates. Users will be capable of printing 2,000 labels in less than 20 minutes, and have the finished roll ready for immediate application. Whether you’re a flexographic printer looking to enter the short run digital label market to augment your business, or a manufacturer looking to produce your own labels in house, the iColor® 700 will help produce professional-grade labels with brilliant and consistent color, from the first label to the last.
iColor® 900 Digital Label Printer : http://icolorprint.com/products/icolor900
The UniNet iColor® 900 is a LED Toner-Based Digital Press for continuous roll to roll and mid-run printing production level that provides high resolution and premium quality graphics as well as barcodes on vast array of die-cut, kiss-cut and non-cut continuous roll substrates for any market or industry. Ideal for in-plant printing or production environments, the iColor®900 Digital Label Press prints at speeds up to 9.14 m/min (30 ft/min) on rolls up to 12.9 inches wide, and makes same day production possible. Featuring full color and optional white, it’s unique low fuser temperature technology supports printing on a broader range of standard, and specialty label substrates including BOPP, PET, vinyl and more. The iColor® 900’s versatile printing capabilities are perfect for a wide variety of industries such as wine and spirits, beverage, beer, food, chemicals, home and personal care, pharma and health care, supply chain and logistics and much more.
iColor® 600 Transfer Media Printer  http://icolorprint.com/products/icolor600
The UniNet iColor® 600 is an LED Toner-Based Digital Transfer Printer featuring full color + white combined with white overprint and underprint capabilities. The iColor® 600 is the most versatile solution on the market today for on-demand, short to mid run transfer production of apparel, garments, cards, stationary, invitations, envelopes, labels, brochures, and more. Use the iColor® 600 multi-functional transfer technology for five different uses: Heat transfer printing with white overprint, right side reading with white underprint, regular CMYK prints without white,
optional fluorescent printing, and optional sublimation transfer printing. Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridges, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function. With iColor® technology, you can print and press onto hard surfaces, cotton, polyester, 50/50 and more! Because this is a toner based transfer system, the variety of substrates to press onto is nearly endless! Apply to both light and dark fabrics when combined with our premium or standard heat transfer paper for vivid colors, bright whites, glowing fluorescents, and true blacks.
iColor® LF700+ Label Finishing Solution Link to Product Page: http://icolorprint.com/products/icolorlf700
The UniNet iColor® LF700+ digital label finishing solution is a must for established label printers or end users wishing to create their own in-house labels. By printing continuous rolls, and then using the LF700+, users can develop any shape and cutline, creating endless possibilities and complete customization for short run digital label printers. This cutting solution provides the most outstanding integrated finishing technology on the market, including lamination, contour cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewinding, all in a single, compact footprint. In addition to these standard features, the iColor® 700+ has the ability to perforate, so users can create tear-off labels for easier roll handling and application.
The LF700+ is the perfect complement to the iColor® 700 Digital Label Press and most narrow-web label printers on the market. The LF700+ finisher was developed to deliver optimum performance, versatility and value by eliminating the need to purchase dies for different shapes and sizes, reducing turn around times and costs associated with outsourcing. Laminated labels provide lasting durability and full protection, while enhancing the visual appearance and overall quality of the finished product. With easily adjustable knife slitting capabilities, the LF700+ can take one roll and turn it into many, allowing users to complete label production digitally and on-demand.