Valco Melton, S.L.U.



Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH (USA), Valco Melton is a leading supplier of adhesive dispensing and quality assurance systems since 1952. We specialize in the design and manufacture of dispensing technologies that apply, monitor, and verify cold glue and hot melt adhesives for a variety of manufacturing processes, including tape, medical tape, label or sandpaper, and serving industries as diverse as automotive or textiles. With manufacturing and R&D facilities in the USA, Canada, UK and Spain, our sales and service network expands globally, counting with over 500 direct employees across 18 countries, and a strong partnership with experienced agents and distributors, in an effort to offer manufacturers worldwide unparalleled local support.

Products & Services

Specific solutions include a range of applicators to cover any coating and laminating requirement in the label manufacturing industries. From standard applicators with multiple adhesive inputs to metering heads for improved adhesive distribution across the substrate width, applicators with interchangeable blades for rotating bar, continuous or intermittent applications, or sophisticated dies with automatic width adjustment through stepper motor. A selection of pre-melters (drum unloaders or extruders), buffer tanks, and melters is available for all melting needs. Accessories include flow meters, static mixers, remote pumping stations and smart controls.