FA2000 is modern, servo driven and fully automatic core cutter designed for label printers. Its capacity (60-70 core per minute or about 3000 / hour) covers the needs of most medium sized label printing companies. The machine is simple to operate and provides high speed - and accurate - cutting of cores.

FA2000 is equipped with an easy to load fully automatic core loader for up to 2 m long core from 25,4 mm (1”) up to 152,4 mm (6”) diameter cores.

Our easy to use multi lingual computer can be operated by anybody after a short introduction.

All cutting is made against a diameter tooling inside the core. When you change from one diameter to another this tooling must be switched manually by the operator. Our quick change system make sure this operation can be made by virtually anybody in less than two minutes from one job to another.

Wasberger International AB