Yenom Pte. Ltd.

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YENOM is one of Asia’s leading multi-million dollar Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) materials manufacturer based in Singapore.

Incorporated in 1997, YENOM, an affiliate of the Wuthelam Group, has since expanded rapidly across the globe, with strong presence in the Asia Pacific region as a leading Pressure Sensitive materials manufacturer.

Since then, a growing team of technically-inclined professionals have been ensuring excellent functional, quality product and application support to end-users, as well as working relentlessly on application research and product development that expanded our footprint in the PSA field.

Our Vision

To be a success driven and innovative bonding-solution provider to our Business Partners.

Our Pride
With products used in a wide spectrum of industries including but not limited to chemical, digital printing, electronics, food, apparel and FMCG each specially tested to comply with international standards.

YENOM is proud to be among the top label material manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

Bonding Innovation and Success
Always in the relentless pursuit of creativity, perseverance for excellence and independent state of mind, we continuously seek improvements by stepping up the pace of our product development through consistent interaction with our clients to address their needs which in turn create a formidable synergistic bond that adds value to them.