Print quality requirements for single-pass inkjet printing

18 Mar 2015

It has been proposed that the number of dots or lines that can be printed per inch (dpi or lpi) and the native nozzles per inch (npi) of an inkjet printhead are key determinants of final print quality.

This is a simplistic position to take and does not consider the many other factors which determine final print quality. A decision based on this criterion alone would dismiss offset litho, seen as the benchmark for print quality for decades. Printed at 150 lines per inch, offset would not compare on this measure to inkjet printheads with 360 or more nozzles per inch.

Xaar addresses the subject of print quality in relation to single-pass inkjet printing, an area which is very complex, subjective and difficult to quantify, particularly when printing four color images.

Mark Ritchie, product manager, Xaar