VFP Ink Technologies has entered into a license and manufacturing agreement with Nazdar to produce and distribute its electronic ink for the conductive printing market in the US

Nazdar to manufacture VFP electronic inks in US

Companies expand current license and manufacturing agreement

UPM Specialty Papers has commissioned Sustainable Packaging in 2040 study revealing that a fifth of all food packaging could still be landfilled or incinerated in two decades from now
18 May 2022

UPM commissions sustainable packaging study

Fifth of food packaging could still be landfilled or incinerated in 2040

 Advast Suisse has added holographic cold foils to its product portfolio designed for use in security applications
18 May 2022

Advast Suisse introduces holographic cold foils

Cold foils developed for security label applications

Parkside has partnered with London-based baked goods business Cutter & Squidge
18 May 2022

Parkside enters baked goods and snacks sector

Partnership with Cutter&Squidge expands compostable packaging applications

DIC Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary Ideal Chemi Plast commenced construction of a new coating resins production facility in Maharashtra, India
18 May 2022

Ideal Chemi Plast to set up new production unit

DIC Corporation's Indian subsidiary increases production by three times

Mondi has enhanced its Product Impact Assessment (PIA) tool with new environmental key performance indicators
18 May 2022

Mondi enhances Product Impact Assessment tool

Life cycle tools to help in assessing environmental impact of products