Geostick, Stratus, Nordvalls sign partnership agreement

The new partnership aims to strengthen and maintain their market share in a highly competitive market.

Geostick forms partnership with Stratus and Nordvalls

Geostick forms partnership with Stratus and Nordvalls

Three of Europe’s leading independent converters have joined together in a new partnership to strengthen and maintain market share in a highly competitive market.

The three converters are Netherlands-based Geostick, France-based Stratus Packaging and Sweden-based Nordvalls.

‘We all share the same long-term vision,’ said Cees Schouten, chief operating officer at Geostick. ‘A future in which sustainability and innovations for product, packaging and machine development will be central. And in which joining forces and sharing knowledge yield concrete competitive advantages.’

Schouten added the three converters have collectively created a ‘continuous business flow for suppliers and an organization for competitive prices and services.’

Schouten continued: ‘In the highly competitive market, we are seeing more and more acquisitions from investment parties. That is why we, as a family business, enter partnerships with parties that have the same focus and core values: Stratus is a family business, just like Geostick, and the owner of Nordvalls is the Possehl foundation. We look forward to creating long-term benefits in all areas of the chain with this partnership.’

Geostick has been on a rapid growth trajectory since 2014, grabbing the attention of the global label industry with its focus on automation technology, sustainability and technical innovation.