Techkon partners with Konica Minolta

Techkon USA has partnered with Konica Minolta to promote and distribute Myiro-1, a spectrophotometer designed for color management and ICC profiling applications in North America.
Techkon USA has partnered with Konica Minolta to promote and distribute Myiro-1 spectrophotometer

Myiro-1 was designed as an accurate and repeatable, low-cost spectrophotometer to meet the high-end color profiling needs of the photography, commercial print, packaging, and signage industries. It promises to change the current market perception of budget-friendly spectrophotometers and profiling with its measurement accuracy, repeatability, build quality, and product reliability. It offers WLAN connectivity enabling sharing the measurements with a computer wirelessly.

Techkon USA is pairing MYIRO-1 with different levels of MyiroTools ICC profiling software to offer three bundled solutions designed to meet customers' profiling needs.

‘We are thrilled to partner with Konica Minolta and be able to extend our reach beyond the pressroom and now offer world-class ICC profiling solutions for the prepress department as well as the photo and digital signage markets. Our customers have been asking for an alternative product, and with Myiro-1, their prayers have finally been answered,’ said Stephen Rankin, director of product management at Techkon USA.  

‘We’ve put Myiro-1 through extensive internal and external testing and have found that the overall quality and value of this product lives up to the high expectations that our customers have for the products and services offered by Techkon USA. In addition, we absolutely love the wireless capability of this device and how it greatly improves the overall user experience,’ added Rankin.