Randy and Geri Wise awarded TLMI Converter of the Year

At the 2015 annual meeting of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Randy Wise, president, and Geri Wise, vice president, of Hyde Park Label, were jointly named TLMI Converter of the Year.
Geri and Randy Wise in the center of the photo aceepting TLMI Converter of the Year Award.jpg

Presented annually, the TLMI Converter of the Year Award honors and recognizes a member of the converting industry who has made an extensive contribution to the North American narrow web marketplace and who has additionally demonstrated a steadfast commitment to association.

The Wise’s respective career experience in, and outside of, the industry has presented an award-winning formula for growing and succeeding as label business owners. Randy Wise’s entry into the marketplace was as a twenty-one-year-old delivery driver for Kansas City, Missouri-based Z-Label and within a short time he was promoted to production manager.

From Z-Label R. Wise moved to Fairfield, New Jersey-based Driscoll Label Company and then onto Arlington, Texas-based Craftmark Label. Within a short time R. Wise became the vice president of operations at Craftmark Label.

The geography of Randy’s label industry experience was dictated by Geri Wise's career trajectory at M&M Mars. Promotions and opportunities took G. Wise from Missouri to New Jersey, and then to the Dallas area. Between them, the Wise pair have been in the industry for nearly four decades.

Both Randy and Geri Wise are longstanding dedicated and prominent members of TLMI. Their involvement has included the chairing of meetings and both have served on the association’s board of directors. Regarding the benefits of TLMI membership, R. Wise commented, 'The colleagues you meet help guide you and are willing to share what they’ve gone through, what they’ve done and what their experiences have been. When you’re young and you’re growing really fast, one of your challenges is how you manage this growth. How do you finance it and how do you control it? These guys have been through it, are a storehouse of information and are just absolutely caring, giving and are willing to help guide you through it.'

Since 2007, G. Wise has served as co-chair of the TLMI marketing committee and has been an active force in shaping the association’s marketing and communications strategies and member outreach. She added, 'Without TLMI, I don’t think we would be where we are today as a company. We’d be getting there but wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the expertise, the exposure and the knowledge that we’ve gained from being members of TLMI.'