ABG to sell, market and service Actega’s Ecoleaf

A B Graphic International (ABG) has formalized its exclusive global agreement with Actega Metal Print (AMP) to manage direct sales, marketing and customer service for its sustainable and cost-effective metallization technology, Ecoleaf.
ABG has formalized its exclusive global agreement with Actega Metal Print (AMP) to manage direct sales, marketing and customer service Ecoleaf technology

Following a partnership announcement between both parties in May 2020, the agreement was signed following successful beta testing at printers in Germany and Italy. The German printer, VollherbstDruck, was the first company to purchase an Ecoleaf unit, which was installed on the company’s ABG Digicon Series 3 converting machine. Ecoleaf units are now being sold in Europe and the UK.

Designed for various markets, Ecoleaf is a new digital technology enabling profit-driving metallization embellishments onto self-adhesive labels. Using only the precise amount of metal required for the printed area, Ecoleaf eradicates the use of hot and cold foil rolls and their subsequent high impact on waste, as well as reduces the cost of metallic embellishments. 

The basis of Ecoleaf is a silver pigment that can be overprinted, resulting in a rainbow of metallic colors, including gold. Integrated in-line on finishing equipment, analog or digital printing presses, Ecoleaf consists of a printed trigger image and a metallization unit that applies only the precise and required amount of metal to the trigger image. 

Matthias Vollherbst, managing owner at Vollherbst, said: ‘Beta testing has progressed very well and we are getting lots of positive feedback, which is helping us to refine the system even further. It’s so important that we continue to innovate to ensure that our customers have the sharpest competitive edge and the most sustainable solutions available. ABG is a great partner for us, they not only see a big opportunity with Ecoleaf, but they share our vision for a more sustainable print market too – so there are some great synergies between us.’

‘We regard Ecoleaf as a new category of metallization that will enable our customers to differentiate themselves with new and exciting print embellishments,’ added Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director. ‘As it should do, sustainability remains a high priority for businesses, and Ecoleaf is expected to make a huge and positive contribution towards that. As such, we consider the AMP technology to be a perfect complement to our product portfolio and as a cost competitive solution for high-end decorations, one that will deliver economic value to our customers.’