Werosys rebranded as Refine Finishing

Denmark-based finishing machine manufacturer Werosys has rebranded as Refine Finishing.
Werosys rebranded as Refine Finishing

The new brand name has now been rolled out across all platforms.

As well as a new identity, Refine has introduced a streamlined product program to the label and packaging industry. This remains rooted in the company’s philosophy of smart, software-based technologies and ‘bettering’ the conventional design approach which typically starts with hardware engineering.

Its core product line is Compact, a user-friendly, efficient and productive converting option. The Refine Creative line is a modular and equally intuitive option designed to allow custom configurations to meet the modern printer’s exact production needs and requirements. A third product line, Refine Concept, involves bespoke, engineered projects.

The baseline of Refine’s production involves digital technologies. The company designs machines with a clear focus on automation through Industry 4.0, cloud computing and IoT. This allows for real-time monitoring of machines, full remote control through existing network infrastructures, and consolidation of machine and job data in the cloud. Data is used for problem-solving, preventive maintenance and machine efficiency reports, to name a few.

Henrik Haagensen has been appointed as the first managing director of Refine Finishing.

Bjarke Nielsen, founder and chief technology officer at Refine Finishing, commented: ‘With new structural changes, investments and product lines, we saw it as a natural development to rename the company and create a brand new visual identity.

‘We landed on ‘Refine – The clever way to convert’, and we are really excited about it. Refine is what we do – improve and perfect labels and flexible packaging with intelligent converting and finishing solutions.

‘Moreover, Refine is who we are – free in our approach to converting, rid of unwanted processes, and focused on crafting the solutions that work for our customers.

The new tagline is pretty simple too – our converting solutions are clever – we think software, automation, and efficiency first, and then we physically build the machinery. Not the other way around.’

Read more about the launch of Refine Finishing in Labels & Labeling issue 2, 2019