FDC chooses UFlex Asepto holographic packaging

Ready-to-drink OTC products manufacturer FDC has chosen UFlex’ Asepto, the Indian manufacturer of Aseptic liquid packaging business, as packaging partner for its oral rehydration salts brand Electral Z+ (ORS+Zinc Solution) manufactured by Halewood Laboratories. The new variant of Electral launched in Asepto’s holographic packs is available in pharmacies and health centers across India.
Ready-to-drink OTC products manufacturer FDC has chosen UFlex’ Asepto as packaging partner for its oral rehydration salts brand Electral Z+

Ashwani Kumar Sharma, president and CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business at UFlex said: ‘The goal was to devise a strategy that highlighted the crucial fortification while also protecting the finished product inside. The basic brief was to emphasize the solution's major component, Zinc—the most vital nutrient, so that it receives extra customer attention. What Asepto in turn came up with is the unique 3D holographic packaging solution, drawing attention with an interactive packaging. Overall, the packaging has not only proved to be the ideal match facilitating clear communication to consumers, but also highlighted the product's USP.’  

The six-layer packaging claims to ensure that external media such as bacteria, light, and air do not contaminate the liquid ORS packed and that the product contents stay sterile. The ORS solution has a long shelf life without preservatives.  

‘Adding credence to our winning pack is the recent endorsement by SIES SOP Award 2021 for Asepto’s exclusive packaging for FDC’s ORS+Zinc Solution Electral Z+(Delicious Orange Flavour) in our value-rich holographic packs,’ Sharma added.  

Nandan Chandavarkar, joint managing director, FDC, remarked that packaging is extremely vital for the ORS category since the content is sensitive in nature and is aimed at boosting immunity. The launch is an extension of FDC’s brand Electral with Zinc, marketed as Electral Z+ (ORS +Zinc Solution) RTD. It is available in a 200ml pack in orange flavor.  

‘Since these RTD (ready-to-drink) solutions are widely available in pharmacies, shops, and health centers, this new packaging needed to stand out. Our main focus was to highlight the Zinc Plus fortification hence was apt not to use a normal printed pack. We're grateful that the Asepto packaging experts have collaborated closely with our team to develop a unique packaging for our most significant brand, featuring an eclectic mix of aesthetics and pack functionalities, upholding our brand ethos. On the retail shelves, the new packs look fantastic! We value our partnership with UFlex-Asepto and anticipate interesting years ahead,’ Chandavarkar said.