Inkmaker appoints Odak Kimya as sole distributor in Turkey

Italy-based Inkmaker Group has nominated Odak Kimya as its exclusive agent and distributor for Turkey to accelerate growth and explore new opportunities within the region.
Inkmaker appoints Odak Kimya as agent in Turkey

Odak Kimya was founded in 1998 to provide color management technologies, initially offering color-measuring devices in the paint, plastic and automotive industries. It soon expanded its product range to include leading brands that could complement each other. Today, Odak ranks amongst one of Turkey’s premier distributors, employing over 30 people across three offices in the Anatolian and European areas of Istanbul and in Adana city.

The distribution agreement will be formally finalized on April 23, 2020 when Gianluca Incerti, commercial director of Inkmaker Group and Ayla Çuhadaroğlu, founder and general manager of Odak Kimya will sign the exclusivity contract electronically due to social distancing rules imposed across the world. The exclusivity grants the company rights to represent the Inkmaker Group and its brands in Turkey in the paint and coating, water-based and solvent-based liquid ink, textile and dyehouse market, inclusive of laboratory equipment.

‘Odak Kimya is one of Turkey’s leading industry distributors, representing many of the world’s top brands, with a significant network and knowledge of the market. The group has full confidence that this partnership will accelerate growth opportunities for us within the region,’ commented Christophe Rizzo, CEO for Inkmaker Group EMEA and Americas.

‘We had originally scheduled to reveal the news with an Inkmaker Group presence during the Paint Istanbul Turkcoat Exhibition but, in view of the Covid-19 cancellations of most shows, those plans were re-strategized. It has now worked out equally well with the announcement marked by Turkey’s sovereignty centenary,’ explained Incerti.

‘We are very pleased with the nomination of sole agent for Turkey. It is of great advantage to both parties. The Inkmaker Group is a global technology leader with a strong portfolio of recognized brands that are highly regarded for the precision and quality of their hardware and of course for Inkmaker’s leading software. Additionally, with the Group’s recent acquisitions of Rexson, Vale-tech and Tecnopails and through their loyal industry partners such as IEC, IEC+ and GFC Chimica, the Group packs a powerful punch of variety and cross-knowledge—truly a total-process engineering provider. With Odak’s market intelligence, resources and network, we are well positioned to elevate Inkmaker Group’s standing in the Turkish industrial arena, even in these globally challenging times,’ added Çuhadaroğlu.