Mark Andy Digital Series ink receives UL certification on Avery Dennison substrates

Mark Andy has earned a UL 969 certification for its Digital Series ink on Avery Dennison substrates.
Mark Andy Digital Series ink is UL certified

This certification is given by the Underwriters Laboratories, an internationally acknowledged safety science company, and is focused on ensuring the quality and reliability of durable labels.

In order to obtain this classification, specially formulated Mark Andy inks were run through a series of rigorous tests performed by the UL. This included scratch, exposure, 10-day oven, outdoor weathering, indoor fade tests and various other stress tests to submit the materials to the harsh conditions they would face in the real world.

The inks were able to pass the majority of the tests without a laminate present. This will allow converters to avoid the cost of expensive laminates when printing durable labels with Mark Andy Digital Series inks.

This UL Certification brings a new advantage to Mark Andy Digital Series users supplying the durable labels market. For converters, this means that now when they are asked to produce a UL certified label, they won’t have to go through the trouble and expense of developing and testing their own substrates. They can reference the UL approved list and choose the combination that best fits their application. For label buyers, it means they can rest assured that their labels will comply with required industry standards.

A broad range of substrates were tested and approved, including white PET, clear PET, and chrome PET for outdoor usage, as well as white BOPP and synthetic paper for indoor use.