Complete Inspection Systems launches HD Barcode for determining the authenticity of printed packages

Complete Inspection Systems has developed HD Barcode, a security technology incorporated in the manufacturing process for instantly determining the authenticity of printed packages, materials or products.
n addition to text information, images of covert or overt security features can be incorporated

When comparing methodologies for security, Complete Inspection Systems said HD Barcode has the ability to embed large amounts of data, including 50,000 times more than UPC Codes or 200 times more than QR codes, all contained within a small, configurable 2D barcode.

This can incorporate changing the barcode as required to indicate; the location and type of other variable covert data printed on the label or product; matching embedded code information to visible lot numbers or unique symbols; and where the product should be sold or distributed. It can also provide information via ‘voice output’ with an authorized smartphone application, and can embed or link to a proprietary application on the smartphone allowing display of full color product images that can only be shown when the code is read.

In addition to text information, images of covert or overt security features can be incorporated to allow an individual to compare features indicated within the authentic product to security features within the image and provide positive authentication, without use of a database or an internet connection.

As a barcode, there are no major add-on costs for additional security features, databases or manufacturing equipment to place security labels on the package, stated Complete Inspection Systems. And multiple codes can be placed in areas of the product that are hard to remove. These HD Barcodes may contain different information and require a different reader and password to display security label information.

Each manufacturer is assigned a unique identifier number, which only they and authorized personnel can use. Manufacturers are provided code generation software that is kept separate from readers for printing the HD Barcodes. When creating the codes, the manufacturer generates an undisclosed password that is proprietary to only them. The manufacturer installs a reader application on an authorized smartphone, so that when this undisclosed password is detected, it will display the information in the HD Barcode, but not the undisclosed password itself. The manufacturers may have unlimited passwords for different users. There is no back door and reader software can be time stamped so only authorized personnel can read the information within the code for a specific time frame.

Further, the code's structure does not follow a set pattern for an individual to be able to decode an HD Barcode. And as a final security measure, authorized personnel can be issued an ID card with a separate HD Barcode that must be scanned before the application is activated and usable, thus preventing reader devices from being compromised in the event they are lost or stolen.

Complete Inspection Systems provides automated inspection systems for image and text inspection, Braille recognition and barcode verification systems.