Fujifilm launches direct laser engraving flexo CTP system

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Fujifilm’s new B2 Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) flexo CTP system was launched launched at Labelexpo Americas 2010. Using a DLE flexo CTP system eliminates the multiple processing steps (UV exposure, solvent or thermal processing, drying) that are required with existing Laser Ablation Mask (LAM) technologies.

The system includes a new DLE plate and multi-channel CTP platesetter. In a statement, FujiFilm said: ‘The efficient thermal decomposition reaction in the exposed areas of the plate, together with multi-channel imaging technology, result in higher productivity, while a highly-cured plate, manufactured using a unique polymerization reaction, results in sharp and fine image reproduction.’

Using DLE technology eliminates the need for costly UV exposure and development equipment and is free of both VOCs and solvents. ‘And, the fact that there is no need for a lengthy, high temperature plate drying process results in a reduction in both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,’ says the manufacturer.