Uniprints present newest Label Engraver machine

Shanghai Uniprints, a Chinese manufacturer of flexo pre-press equipment, unveiled its newest direct laser engraving machine at Labelexpo Europe 2017.
Uniprints present newest Label Engraver machine

Label Engraver adopts multi-beam laser engraving technology, which decreases the production time from 15-20min to 10min for one plate. It can achieve 5080 DPI engraving resolution instead of the previous 2540 DPI. The long-focus laser offers a good tolerance of the plate flatness, and its internal fixed clamp can work with different diameters of roller from 12-inch to 15-inch. What’s more, the self-cleaning system of the laser heads can not only ensure engraving stability, but also increases the service time of the heads.

‘The dust removal system uses chemical reactions, so it’s friendly to the environment,’ explained Nick Liang, sales manager of Unniprints. ‘It’s our first time participating at Labelexpo Europe. Many global customers are interested in this machine.’

Yolanda Wang

  • China editor