Sai Com Codes orders three Nilpeter presses

Indian label printer Sai Com Codes has ordered three Nilpeter FB presses, with one 8-color and two 10-color presses ordered at Labelexpo Europe 2017.

Nilpeter stand packed with visitors at Labelexpo Europe 2017

All three oppresses come with full UV, chill drums, cold foil, delam, relam and turnbar. Two will be installed in Sonepat in November 2017 and February 2018, while the third will be shipped to the company’s new plant in Guwahati in December 2017.

The company made a double Nilpeter investment at Labelexpo India 2016. After these installations, Sai Com Codes will have a fleet of eight Nilpeter presses to cater to the label industry. Harish Gupta, managing director at Sai Com Codes, said: ‘We opted for Nilpeter presses again for ease of operation and good service by the team.’

Manish Kapoor, country manager for sales at Nilepter India, said: ‘Sai Com Codes is one of Nilpeter’s biggest customers in India and we are very pleased with the company’s growth.’

Of Labelexpo Europe 2017, Kapoor said that it has been a good show for the company and they saw a lot of interest in the new Nilpeter Panorama hybrid press. ‘Everyone likes the concept but India is a cost sensitive market. So, it will take time for this concept to get into the country. The global growth rate of hybrid inkjet press is highest in inkjet category and stands at around eight percent.’

Nilpeter sold a total of 12 presses on the show floor, of which two were Nilpeter Panorama hybrid presses.