Finnish brewery adopts UPM Raflatac Vanish for labeling of recyclable aluminum beverage cans

Novelis, the world's largest recycler of aluminum cans, has confirmed that UPM Raflatac’s 23 micron Vanish label film is sufficiently light in order not to affect the quality of recycled aluminum, so making it possible to label recyclable aluminum beverage cans in Europe.
The Saimaan Juomatehdas brewery in Finland is the first company in Europe to adopt Vanish by launching a craft beer in labeled aluminum cans

UPM Raflatac said this means its thin label film enables three functionalities previously considered unviable or impossible: self-adhesive labeling on beverage cans, recyclability with aluminum cans and the opportunity for beverage brands to market small batches cost-effectively.

The Saimaan Juomatehdas brewery in Finland has become the first company in Europe to adopt Vanish by launching a craft beer in labeled aluminum cans, which are integrated into a refundable deposit system for recycling. The recycling system for beverage containers in Finland is renowned as the world's most effective. Returnable, refundable deposit cans are the most recycled container category, with a recycling rate as high as 95 percent. In particular, and because direct printed cans aren't manufactured in small volumes, self-adhesive labeling is a necessity for canning smaller batches cost-effectively.

Self-adhesive labels can also be produced quickly in comparison to directly decorated cans, said UPM Raflatac, enabling beverage producers to respond flexibly to consumer demand and engage in promotional activity without risking container overstocks.

‘Saimaan Juomatehdas is committed to sustainability, so we wanted to come up with a canning solution for our smaller beverage batches that would match our principles.’ Commented Jussi Laukkanen, Saimaan Juomatehdas CEO.

‘We explored different options and discovered the Vanish label material. Together with UPM Raflatac and Auraprint, a printing house specializing in labeling solutions, we started looking into the possibility of applying it to recyclable cans, and everything started to fall into place.’

Tuomo Wall, director, Films at UPM Raflatac, added: ‘Our end customers in the beverage industry place high value on their product packaging. Vanish is an attractive and exceptionally versatile label material, and an ideal choice for companies like Saimaan Juomatehdas which strive to create high-quality products that are visually impressive.

‘Vanish also introduces a solution for product decoration on smaller batches of beer and other beverages in a way that's economically viable and at the same time environmentally conscious. Brand owners in Europe now have a recycling-compatible choice for greatly enhanced product presentation that meets their own as well as UPM Raflatac's commitment to providing sustainable solutions.’