Chili publish secures EUR 3 million funding for business expansion

Chili publish, a graphic creation software specialist, secures EUR 3 million in a new funding to stimulate the expansion of its technologies and business worldwide, and in the US specifically.
Chili publish secures EUR 3 million in a new funding to stimulate the expansion of its technologies and business worldwide, and in the US specifically

The company secured additional funds for a new investor, PMV which takes the investment lead, alongside original investment partners Group MC, Pamica, and Volta Ventures.

‘This latest funding, led by PMV, will speed up our market outreach in the US, and propel our solution development roadmap,’ said Kevin Goeminne, CEO at Chili publish. ‘It is a continuation of the initial support of Group MC, Pamica, and Volta Ventures, and an acceleration of our vision towards and belief in the future of graphics.’

Roald Borré, group manager, venture capital and head of equity investments at PMV added: ‘Market and business digitization has sped up dramatically, forcing companies to invest in smart technology that will help them optimize their go-to-market. PMV recognizes the technological, creative, and long-term potential of CHILI publisher. We’re excited to lead this investment round, alongside our respected partner investors, to experience first-hand how smart and dynamic templatization will help companies reach the next level in their graphic creation process.’

Chili publish develops and supplies Chili publisher, an online editing software that turns any original design into a Smart Template that safeguards brand guidelines while allowing users to alter variable elements dynamically.

The software is available as a SaaS and runs entirely in the web browser. Chili publisher is adopted worldwide by brands in marketing, retail, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other markets. It also integrates with an extensive ecosystem of third-party partners. This enables marketers, brands, and printers to offer users a self-service platform to produce online and offline graphics more efficiently, regardless of purpose, market or industry.

‘Over the last 12 months, we managed to make Smart Templatization dynamic and available as a SaaS. We grew our team, established new partnerships, and expanded our customer base worldwide. The future of graphics is booming and now is the time to move better and faster in the US,’ concluded Goeminne.