Sitecore Content Hub integrates Chili publisher

Chili publish and Sitecore have joined forces to enable content scaling by optimizing the content creation process and centralizing all marketing assets from different management systems with Sitecore Content Hub.
Chili publish and Sitecore have joined forces to enable content scaling by optimizing the content creation process

Chili publisher, an online editing software for smart artwork and marketing material creation, turns original designs based on these assets into smart templates. These documents can be then edited and repurposed by any user within Sitecore Content Hub into brand-compliant print or digital visuals. This integration enables marketing departments worldwide to adapt to the increasing demands for personalized content that drives the customer experience.

Traditionally, content creation or generation happened in silos. Multiple tools, disjointed systems, and convoluted processes complicated the streamlining of content production. Sitecore Content Hub integrates different content sources such as DAM, ERP, PLM, and CRM within a company and centralizes key content into one preceding channel that acts as a single source of truth for asset collection and distribution. By maximizing the content lifecycle, users could reuse and repurpose existing content while scaling the creation of new content, getting to market faster and more efficiently.

When working in Sitecore Content Hub, users merely have to authenticate themselves, select, edit, save, and export. A printed ad, digital banner, LinkedIn header - anything can be created based on the one original design that is a smart template in Chili publisher.

Smart Templates quickly became a driving content creation force within the Sitecore Content Hub, defining ownership, governance, and turning channels into accurate content users, not random content creators.

‘Sitecore is pleased to work with Chili publish to deliver joint capabilities that will benefit marketers and brands by simplifying and automating what is normally a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process,’ said Tim Pashuysen, chief strategy officer at Sitecore Content Hub. ‘With this integration, the value of assets in Sitecore DAM is maximized, acting as the single source of truth for graphics and collateral production from anywhere in the world, with users needing just a browser to deliver customized, brand-compliant, and ready-to-use printed assets at scale.’

Kevin Goeminne, CEO at Chili publish, added: ‘We partner and integrate with other systems, but this is one of the most comprehensive content management cycles we’re involved with. Smart templates in Chili publisher empower all Sitecore Content Hub users to create on-brand visuals without burning designer hours. The extensive channel integration assures them that the generated output is on-brand, flawlessly designed, and output-ready, for whatever communication channel. Teams operate in synergy, not silos, securing true content scaling.’