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  • 16 Jan 2019



BASF has cofounded a new alliance, Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), reinforcing the company’s engagement for a responsible handling of plastics.

AEPW is a global alliance of nearly 30 companies looking to advance products and technologies that reduce and eliminate plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean.

On its backing of AEPW, Dr Martin Brudermüller, chairman of the board of executive directors and chief technology officer at BASF, said: ‘We strongly support the aim to reduce plastic waste in the environment.

‘We are cofounding the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, because we want to drive and promote solutions that will effectively help solve the world’s plastic waste problem. Plastics are efficient materials that can save resources and enable health, safety as well as convenience benefits for society. These benefits could be contradicted, if plastics and their waste are neither used nor disposed nor recycled in a responsible manner.’

Brudermüller continued: ‘One important measure to end uncontrolled entry of plastics into the environment is to build up closed circles where plastic can be used as new raw material. The chemical industry plays an important role in innovating and implementing large-scale processes to convert plastic waste into new products.’

An example of how BASF is working on innovative technologies that promote the recovering and recycling of plastics is its recently initiated ChemCycling project. Together with its customers and partners,  BASF developed and manufactured the first pilot products based on chemically recycled plastic waste.

BASF is also actively implementing the international program, Operation Clean Sweep, globally in all its plastic pellet production sites, which aims to prevent plastic pellet loss along the value chain through behavioral, organizational and technical measures.

Furthermore, BASF engages in various collaborations and association projects (for example, World Plastics Council, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, CEFLEX) on waste management and education.


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