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  • 20 Jun 2018

FTA announces 2018-19 board of directors

FTA announces 2018-19 board of directors

Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) and its Foundation (FFTA) have announced changes regarding the 2018-19 FTA board of directors and FFTA board of trustees, including FFTA Chair Alexander James of Kodak.

Following the completion his term as FFTA Board of Trustees chair, Howard B. Vreeland, Jr. of Anderson & Vreeland will be continuing on as FTA Vice Chair, Suppliers. Other members leaving after completing two full terms, totaling six years’ service each, include Jason Barrier, Printpack Inc; John Crammer, Best Label Company; and Jack Fulton, Printron.

The Association welcomes those entering their first term: Doug Bartlett, Multi-Color Corp; Jeff Dietz, KBA North America; and Jennye Scott, Berry Global.

‘Board member transition keeps the organization healthy and energized. It always amazes me how six years can fly by so fast,’ shared Mark Cisternino, FTA/FFTA president. ‘I enjoy working with the members of the FTA and FFTA Boards, so seeing them cycle off after completing their terms brings mixed emotions. Welcoming new Board members is always exciting. I look forward to working with Doug, Jeff and Jennye, three very active, supporting FTA members.’

Officers on FTA’s 2018 board of directors include:

• Mary Sullivan, Mark Andy, chair

• Johnny Dye, Accredo Packaging, chair-elect

• Mark Cisternino, president

• Ian Hole, idh Consulting, treasurer

• Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies, vice chair, printers/converters/CPCs

• Howard B. Vreeland, Jr., Anderson & Vreeland, vice chair, suppliers

• James Stone, VinEquities, vice chair, education

FFTA’s Board of Trustees are:

• Alexander James, Kodak, chair

• Jean Engelke, chair-elect

• Mark Cisternino, president

• Ian Hole, idh Consulting, treasurer

• JP Delage, Master Packaging, vice chair, scholarships

• Kelly Roberts, Canflexographics, vice chair, solicitations

•Geoff Roznak, Great Northern Corp, vice chair, project evaluations

Members at large include:

• Doug Bartlett, Multi-Color Corp

• Jeff Dietz, KBA North America

• Ron Premo, ProAmpac

• Jennye Scott, Berry Global

• Dale Walbert, Eurostampa California


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