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  • 29 May 2018

Granby chooses Ravenwood shaped linerless sleeves for sausage packaging

 Granby sausages chooses Ravenwood shaped linerless sleeves

Ravenwood assisted Granby to develop shaped linerless sleeves, a new label concept.

Granby decided to move away from applying traditional self-adhesive top and bottom labels for a particular product launch, opting to make the switch to linerless. The new sausage range called for a creative and shaped machine applied cardboard sleeve.

The family-run sausage producer wanted its new range of sausages to have on-shelf appeal and visual impact, for standing out against the competition. They were keen for the freshness of the product to shine through as current trends state that health conscious consumers like to see what they are buying as opposed to opaque printed packaging.

Granby’s managing director, Eoin Kavanagh approached Paul Beamish, Ravenwood’s founder. They discussed Granby’s requirements, resulting in Kavanagh purchasing a Nobac 500R ready meal/slideable applicator for applying the labels. Unlike traditional sleeves, these labels score by comparison as they are machine applied and come supplied on a roll. In fact, reels weigh up to 40 percent less and take up 40 percent less space. Landfill disposal costs are also greatly reduced.

With the machine taken care of, Ravenwood were then tasked with Granby’s sleeve/label design. Kavanagh wanted the packs to take on a unique look that would also allow consumers to see the product. With that in mind, Ravenwood decided to shape the leading edge of its slideable sleeve. Granby appointed MPH Fulfilment, a Ravenwood approved linerless printer for producing the labels. MPH and Ravenwood then worked together in shaping the sleeve to the required design.

The slideable sleeve with the shaped leading edge boasts a whole host of benefits. The pack takes on a more aesthetically pleasing look, resulting in more attractive presentation at POS. Ingredients and food are also visible for showcasing the freshness of the product. And due to Ravenwood labels featuring no backing paper, there’s increased surface print area (top and underside) for adding recipes, nutritional information, promotions and money-off coupons.

Beamish said: ‘It has been a pleasure to help assist Granby with their new product launch. Not only have they adopted our linerless technology but in meeting their needs and requirements, we have launched a completely new type of slideable linerless sleeve. We hope to work with Granby again in the future.’

When Ravenwood asked Kavanagh if there were plans to adopt Ravenwood’s linerless technology to any other Granby products, he said: ‘Absolutely, the flexibility and different sleeve and labels formats with this machine, including the cost savings and presentation enhancement, makes this a ‘no brainer’. The Nobac offers a cost-effective alternative to its backing paper counterparts and the sleeve design has given us the ability to bring our pack presentation to a whole new level.’


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