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  • 19 Oct 2018

Linkz adds serialized marks for brand protection and consumer engagement

Brands and consumers can benefit from unique marks from Linkz

Linkz Intelligent Marketing has added serialized marks to its offer, providing a unique identifier to each printed item.

These marks can be visible, like QR codes, or invisibly embedded via digital watermarks.

A primary application of the technology is brand protection. By including supply chain information in each unique mark it is possible to detect if an individual item has been diverted from the market it was intended for. This is particularly useful for high value products, such as cosmetics, wine and spirits, and pharmaceutical products.

Linkz, an interactive print and packaging platform, noted that unique marks can also deliver personalized content that is specifically designed for individual end users. This allows for highly personalized marketing or direct peer-to-peer communication. For example, personalized video messages can be accessed via a product label or shop-bought greeting card. The video can be uploaded and viewed via a single scan with a smartphone, with no need to enter authentication codes or confirm private information such as phone numbers.

Linkz CEO Nathalie Muller said: ‘Interactive print lets you include a lot more on the card or pack. With serialization brands can offer highly personalized engagement, as well as track and trace individual items. Consumers interact with the world around them via their smartphones. Make the interaction personal with serialized marks.’


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