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  • 23 Feb 2018

eAgile installs world’s first HP Indigo 6900

eAgile president Peter Phaneuf

eAgile has completed installation of the world’s first HP Indigo 6900 digital press to expand security and brand protection services with its new eLink label security offer.

eAgile is a specialist in large-scale serialization deployments utilizing IoT/RFID technology for healthcare and highly secure asset tracking.

Digital printing on the newly launched HP Indigo 6900 with high performance data RIPing power combined with eAgile’s RFID technology is said to ‘open the door to a full array of smart packaging and product authentication solutions to brand owners’.

eLink is intended to bring an affordable and potentially self-funding security system to industries who need to protect against counterfeits and diverted products. eAgile is already providing multiple Rain RFID and NFC products to the healthcare marketplace, primarily pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, two industries where these issues not only cost brand owners billions in direct and indirect damages, but potentially put lives at risk.

The HP Indigo 6900 digital press provides enhanced capabilities to label and package printers by extending the application range of pressure-sensitive labels produced using its technology, principally through the creative to resistance products using Pack Ready for Labels and a new in-line priming unit. A new DFE, HP Production Pro for Indigo Labels & Packaging, offers a faster RIP, allows enhanced fleet optimization and delivers greater site connectivity to respond to the pace of growth HP Indigo said its customers are experiencing. It is intended to cater to the increasingly complex environments printers operate in, where they are running multiple presses across multiple sites, producing an increasing number of complicated jobs, and with a need for more automation and streamlined management tools.

The combination of HP’s high-speed security digital print and eAgile’s proven RFID/IoT smart packaging platforms has created an actionable strategy for a secure, authentic and traceable supply chain rich with real-time data analytics through eLink.

eAgile president Peter Phaneuf explained: ‘Everyone from the brand owner to the consumer has common interests, they want products that are safe, authentic and compliant. The assumption by consumers is when a product is on the shelf, it has been validated by upstream checkpoints. This holds true in many traditional situations but with the expansion of on-line purchasing, international distribution models and an increasingly savvy counterfeit industry, there are limited ways to affordably police your brand at all levels and in all places. By providing an effective authentication process powered by a smartphone, nearly everyone will have access to safe and secure goods.’

eAgile CEO Gary Burns said: ‘Global brand owners already trust HP for the highest quality digital print for all of their consumer facing products. eAgile is pleased to be collaborating with a true leader to bring a turn-key security and authentication solution for brand protection.’


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