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  • 12 Apr 2018

National Printing Converters chooses Tharstern

National Printing Converters chooses Tharstern

NPC, National Printing Converters, a custom label and tag manufacturer, located in Indiana, have partnered with Tharstern as its new MIS provider.

NPC has been producing high-quality custom labels in numerous industries for more than 55 years and have been doing so through a direct collaboration with their customers and making sure they provide innovation and flexibility.

Label manufacturing and distribution is not often thought of as an industry that pushes innovation and cutting-edge technology, and NPC wants to show that technology can be used to transform the business process and offer opportunities for everyone within the supply chain.

Brian Buckley, President of NPC said: ‘One of the reasons we selected Tharstern as our MIS software supplier was because of their open API and their ability to integrate with numerous software applications. This will enable us to efficiently deliver 24/7 customer service, ecommerce sales processing and web-to-print features.

‘With our new platform our customers can do business in the way they prefer, whether that’s by calling us on the phone, or processing an order online from their phone.

‘We will continue to deliver the same one to one personal service we have been known for and, with the help of Tharstern, we can now offer a wider range of services to help our customers efficiently manage their orders, every step of the way.'

In today’s world, consumers expect to be able to order products and do business effortlessly, via the internet and using web enabled applications. To continue to offer value to their partners and customers, NPC has shifted their technologies to make the process for consumers more straightforward. Making this move meant a complete retooling of NPC’s software systems to move offline processes online and expose all aspects of doing business with them to their customers online.

‘National Printing Converters saw the value in aligning their delivery model with the industry trend – giving their customers the easiest and fastest vehicle possible to manage and track their orders,’ said Matt Miloszewski, US business development manager at Tharster. ‘We will be working with NPC to make the changes they want and use our API to integrate with the customer-facing applications they want to roll out to improve their internal workflow and overall customer experience.’

Susan Moore, VP of US sales for Tharstern, said: ‘We’re delighted to have partnered with such a well-respected label company in the US, particularly at a time where they are doing a reorganization of their processes. We’re looking forward to working with them to create a new automated workflow to suit their employees and customers.’


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