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  • 16 Sep 2014

Avery Dennison and Evrythng to make products smart

Niall Murphy from Evrythng promoting the Internet of Things

Avery Dennison and software company Evrythng are to form a partnership to make packaging and shopping more intelligent, with Avery Dennison to integrate Evrythng’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform into its new DirectLink interactive packaging system.

The goal of interactive packaging is to enable consumers to use their smartphones to interact digitally with consumer packaged goods in ways that enrich the shopping experience and enhance their relationships with major brands.

Niall Murphy, founder and chief executive officer of Evrythng, said: ‘We are thrilled to be working with Avery Dennison to explore building out the Internet of Things. We are on a mission to bring digital connectivity to physical objects, and working with a labeling expert such as Avery Dennison will accelerate our ability to bring real-time, intelligent web experiences to billions of physical things that are displayed, purchase and used by consumers.’

Murphy and Avery Dennison's CEO, chairman and president, Dean Scarborough, participated on the IoT and Big Data panel discussion on the first day of Labelexpo Americas 2014.

There are 500 million near-field communication (NFC)-enabled mobile phones in use today, and by 2018 it is anticipated that nearly two thirds of all global handsets shipped will incorporate this technology. This will give over a billion people the ability to digitally interact with brands to get more out of the things they buy and use by accessing product manuals and warranties, ‘how-to’ guides and repair services, or personalized content and brand experiences, as well as offers and promotions.

Apple hit a record in first-day pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, launched during the week of Labelexpo Americas 2014, with over four million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. The new smart phone incorporates NFC, but for now is limited to Apply Pay, the company’s new mobile payments platform.

Evrythng’s intelligent SaaS technology manages how products connect to the web. When integrated into Avery Dennison’s proprietary DirectLink labeling system, brands will be able to harness the opportunity and build direct digital relationships with their consumers. The technology also has the potential to help consumers authenticate products and combat grey market trade and counterfeiting.

Mary Greenwood, Avery Dennison director of new technology and business development, said: ‘NFC has the potential to change the world of commerce with mobile payments, but it also represents a new opportunity for marketers to engage consumers through the physical product package. Our collaboration will deliver what we know global brands want – the ability to build direct consumer relationships and help protect brands through intelligent product packaging. I look forward to exploring smart packaging and the Internet of Things together.’


Danielle Jerschefske is Labels & Labeling's sustainability consultant.

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