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  • 09 Feb 2018

Dion certified by GMI to supply CVS

Dion Label Printing has received full certification from Graphic Measures International (GMI) to print digital extended color gamut and flexographic labels and packaging components for the CVS brand.

GMI controls and monitors global color consistency for many brands. The certification agreement ensures color standards are measured and recorded throughout the label printing process. Press sheets are then submitted to GMI for compliance assessment. Retail shelves are also spot checked by GMI to ensure visual uniformity.

Working with a GMI certified label printer provides guaranteed color consistency, as well as giving brand owners predictable packaging results.

GMI has partnered with CVS to ensure consistent brand appearance by establishing detailed requirements and monitoring each aspect of print quality and color management.

Dion Label Printing produces high-quality printed labels and packaging. It offers both digital and flexographic printing capabilities.

The Massachusetts-based printer was the first printer in the US to be awarded GMI certification for both digital and flexographic label printing. It partnered with GMI in 2014 to become a certified print provider for the Walgreens brand. Dion Label Printing has maintained the highest GMI rating of blue in both the digital and flexographic categories since certification.

Further, being the only GMI blue-rated label printer in the US has established Dion Label Printing as a fully certified and high performance print and packaging supplier. These standards will now be applied and verified for the CVS brand through the GMI monitoring guidelines.


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