Esko introduces integrated platform for brands

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Esko, through MediaBeacon, has developed a fully integrated packaging, marketing process and digital asset management platform, enabling brands and marketers to deliver consistent content across digital, social and packaging consumer touchpoints.

The new platform helps brand owners streamline complex creation, approval and deployment processes across multiple teams and locations. The platform integrates an asset management system with a powerful project and workflow management system, complete with support for packaging. The fully integrated packaging, marketing and digital asset management platform facilitates collaboration, creation, management, publishing and analysis.

Available now on a worldwide basis, the system can be purchased modularly, deployed on-premise or hosted, and integrated with all popular ERP, MIS, PIM and PLM systems.

Esko acquired MediaBeacon two years ago, with the intention of developing this new system for industries such as CPG and life sciences, retail and apparel, media and entertainment, public sector, and financial services.

Udo Panenka, Esko president, said: ‘We’ve built this solution very strategically, driven by customer conversations we’ve had over the past few years, and we’re pleased to be deploying and integrating it within a global brand now.

‘The acquisition of MediaBeacon has enabled us to create this truly unique platform: it combines the creation of brand assets, including packaging, with the management and actual publication to all distribution channels.’