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  • 27 Mar 2007

Hyperlabel Technologies announces alliances

Hyperlabel Technologies has announced new capabilities and alliances with Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd and Memjet Labels Inc.

Hyperlabel is an infrared tagging technology that provides a unified and cost-effective approach to serialization, anti-counterfeiting and consumer interactivity on labels and product packaging. While Hyperlabel utilizes the emerging Electronic Product Code (EPC) serialization standard, it is implemented at the cost of printing ink rather than at the cost of producing semiconductor chips. Hyperlabel’s technology is sourced from Silverbrook Research, a supplier of inkjet printing and interactive paper technologies.  

Hyperlabel is one of several applications using Silverbrook’s interactive paper technology. Other applications include linking of printed publications such as newspapers, magazines and books to online web content and paper-initiated online search. Consumer applications are expected to drive broad adoption of the interactive paper technology, allowing Hyperlabel to leverage the same base of consumer devices and infrastructure.