KTI is now representing Monomatic Equipment in the North American market

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KTI represents Monomatic in North America

KTI, a manufacturer of automatic splicers, turret rewinders and other web converting equipment, has recently secured an alliance with Monomatic, an NSC Packaging company, out of Strasbourg, France.

KTI was looking for a way to increase its product offerings to its current customer base. Monomatic has been around since the 1950s with a strong presence in Europe and offers products similar to KTI’s current product line. The largest differences between the two product lines being size, speed and customizable options.

KTI offers nonstop unwinds and rewinds with roll diameters up to 50 inches, web widths up to 72 inches and speeds up to 1,000 ft/min. Monomatic equipment has roll diameters up to 59 inches, web widths up to 98 inches and speeds of up to 3,280 ft/min.

John Mitchell, international sales manager for KTI, will take on the role of North American sales manager for the Monomatic equipment through KTI. In addition, Monomatic will represent and sell the KTI product line throughout Europe helping both companies expand their coverage and build their businesses. KTI has been looking for a way to increase their presence in Europe for the past few years and the alliance with Monomatic will help to accomplish this while also providing a wider customer base in North America with the sales of Monomatic equipment.