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  • 11 Oct 2017

Schreiner MediPharm supports Biotest with late stage customization

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling options for over 65 years, has supported Biotest in the implementation of a special late stage customization service.

Biotest is a global supplier of plasma proteins and biotherapeutic drugs, primarily used in clinical immunology, hematology and intensive care medicine. Due to its continuous growth, an increasing and diversified product pipeline and complex market conditions, Biotest sought a variable supply chain in which speed-to-market and focus on patient needs played an important part.

Biotest is utilizing Schreiner MediPharm’s special late stage customization service. A process center specifically dedicated to this purpose ensures optimum workflow, meeting the exacting quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The labels are pre-produced in large quantities and warehoused at Schreiner MediPharm’s facility as semi-finished goods. Subsequently, as requested by Biotest, the pre-produced labels are customized by digital printing and delivered on short notice.

The new process allows for faster production of functional labels on short demand. As a result, Biotest benefits from greater flexibility and is able to respond to market requirements with requisite agility, while Schreiner MediPharm assists its customer in meeting the demands of current segmentation trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

Schreiner MediPharm said late stage customization enables fast response to customer-specific demands, as well as flexibility in joint production processes as defined in partner workshops. A cross-functional project team comprising personnel from supply chain, sales, packaging development, quality management, pre-press artwork creation and purchasing functions collaborated closely to achieve optimum workflows and results.

Stefan Sadkowiak, head of final packaging at Biotest, said: ‘We benefit from a high level of customization, short lead times, fast delivery and high flexibility for short-term demand.

‘In addition, our process costs have decreased: We no longer have to comply with minimum ordering quantities, have reduced our warehousing expense and avoid destruction costs of preprinted labels due to text revisions.’


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