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  • 01 Nov 2004

Sherwood produces gamma sterilization indicator labels

Isotron, a European provider of contract sterilization services, has adopted Sherwood Technology’s Process Indicator Labels to give a clear and immediate indication of gamma sterilization. The labels use Sherwood’s color-change technique, to provide a visible record of all products that have undergone a volume sterilization process.

The self-adhesive indicator labels undergo a simple, chemical color-change when exposed to gamma radiation. The labels change from yellow to red when activated – there is a noticeable color-change from 5kGy up to 100kGy. This provides a ‘yes/no’ indicator of Gamma exposure for a wide range of applications, including food irradiation and medical and surgical products sterilization.

Sherwood produces two types of labels, Gamma SteriDots YRD and Gamma SteriStripe YRD, both of which are cost-effective indicators for all volume sterilization processes. The labels provide a visible means of indication of exposure to gamma radiation with a bold and distinct color change.  The labels are used as a method for identifying, at a glance, irradiated and non-irradiated products.

Demand for the labels has increased as Sherwood is the first manufacturer to guarantee the product for 12 months. A Swindon-based company, Isotron uses 1.5 million SteriStripe labels every three months (over 18 million in total to date) to indicate that products have undergone the irradiation process. The company also recommends the Gamma SteriDots to all of its customers. Michael Eaton, UK Quality Manager at Isotron, says, “Isotron’s aim is to deliver the highest possible standards to our customers. Sherwood Technology’s color-change technique has greatly assisted us in achieving our goal, through an immediate visible record of exposure to radiation above 5kGy.

“Since its formation Sherwood Technology has successfully identified and developed a number of innovative color change solutions. With market-ready products and a number of implementations underway in a range of industries, we are now concentrating on developing our existing products and building awareness of our capabilities,” says Steve Kelly, Managing Director of Sherwood. “In using and recommending our Indicator Labels, Isotron are affirming that Sherwood is a key player in the color-change arena and that our technologies have an infinite array of applications.”