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  • 27 Oct 2014

Tyler Packaging adds directional laser scoring

Tyler Packaging adds directional laser scoring

Tyler Packaging has introduced directional laser scoring as part of its manufacturing processes, so allowing complex shapes to be incorporated as part of its packaging designs with no loss to barrier properties.

Tyler Packaging supplies flexible packaging to a range of industries, including human food, fitness supplements, pet food and garden products, said it is embracing new technology in the form of directional laser scoring, as it looks to improve on its packaging capabilities.

Directional laser scoring enables complex shapes to be cut out of the outer layer of a laminated pouch or bag to allow for see-through windows so consumers can view the contents of the packaging without needing to lose any of the barrier properties.

As a result, Tyler Packaging’s laminated packaging can now include a window in the same manner as traditional two-ply paper and polythene bags. Previously, normal paper and polythene multi-ply packaging was unable to afford the same barrier properties if an aperture was included. Directional laser scoring now means that this is no longer an issue.

The technology can be applied to laminate films, pouches and bags, providing the opportunity to create an old-fashioned, traditional appearance but with all the associated benefits that ultra-modern barrier packaging offers.

Tyler Packaging has also recently added augmented reality (AR) to its offering to streamline the package prototyping process. AR allows customers to visualise how their finished products will look without the need to develop actual physical samples.

Adam Kay, sales and technical director at Tyler Packaging, said: ‘Innovation, as we always say, is key. By introducing a new packaging technology, we are able to innovate our processes and offer a greater range of packaging solutions to our clients.

‘The great thing about directional laser scoring is that we can produce traditional, almost old-fashioned looking packaging, whilst also providing the same ultra-modern barrier properties afforded by the latest technologies.

‘The introduction of new materials, new machines, new designs and new capabilities helps to keep us at the forefront of the flexible packaging industry, whilst also giving our customers a greater range of choice when it comes to fulfilling their requirements. Directional laser scoring is something fresh that we can bring to the table and we’re keen to begin implementing it.’

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