Durst launches entry level Tau 330 RSC
18 Jan 2019

Durst launches entry-level Tau 330 RSC

E available in 330mm and 244mm print widths, 4-color/4-color plus white

Jet Technologies offers new laminating films
17 Jan 2019

Jet Technologies offers new laminating films

Rough Touch features gritty feel

Sante Conselvan - Gama International - with Julio Cezar - director at ABFLEXO.
15 Jan 2019

GAMA Group expands the portfolio of its viscometer

Company wins Brazilian industry award

Techkon launches the new generation SpectroPlate
15 Jan 2019

Techkon launches SpectroPlate

Latest addition to its new generation line

Wikoff introduces digital primers
15 Jan 2019

Wikoff introduces digital primers

Inkjet primers include those for UV, water-based applications

20 Dec 2018

Uflex launches new products for pharma packaging

New Products

Expects potential growth of 5000 tonnes annually in pharma in India

20 Dec 2018

Cosmo Films launches film for dairy industry

New Products

Sterilizable conduction sealing film for PP and PE containers

17 Dec 2018

Tesa introduces Softprint X-Hard

New Products

Product reduces uneven ink distribution and pin-holing

17 Dec 2018

Harper Corporation introduces QD printer

QD printer developed for functional and printed electronics markets

17 Dec 2018

Ritrama launches environmentally friendly paper

Eden paper made of grass and virgin cellulose papers

12 Dec 2018

Chadwicks develops transparent pre-cut lid

Ultra-clear lid can be unprinted or partially printed

07 Dec 2018

Esko expands software platform

Updates include full plug-in compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud 2019

06 Dec 2018

AstroNova presents digital toner printer

Prints five colors with 1200 dpi

05 Dec 2018

Schreiner MediPharm launches UV, light protection

Products offer protection from UV and light exposure for liquid medicines